For Parents

Dorothy’s Discovery Daycare Center’s philosophy aligns closely with the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum believes that young children learn best by doing. Learning requires experimenting and active thinking while experiencing the world we live in. Our center provides a comfortable and safe learning environment for children with various abilities and at all levels.

For more information on the Creative Curriculum, please click here.

DDDC uses the Ages and Stages (ASQ3) to assess child learning and growth. Each child is assessed two to three times a year depending on the child’s age. Once assessed parent/teacher conferences are set up to discuss each child’s individual progress. Conferences are also available anytime throughout the year. Contact your child’s teacher for more details.

For more information on Ages and Stages (ASQ3), please click here.

Parent participation at any level is encouraged and valued. A strong parent-center relationship is crucial to our success. Our staff and parents are PARTNERS working together to meet the needs of the children and their families. Families are strongly encouraged to evaluate our program throughout the year as an on-going process. We provide a web-based survey (through SurveyMonkey) and a comments/suggestion box to leave feedback anytime.

Early Childhood Standards of Quality is a publication which explains the purpose, history and application of the Standards the Michigan Department of Education has developed to guide preschool and pre-kindergarten programs across the state to ensure all Michigan children come to Kindergarten with similar early education experiences.

For more information on Michigan’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality please click on the following links:

Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-K (PDF)

Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infant and Toddler Programs (PDF)