Both of our sons (4- year-old and 8-month-old) have attended Dorothy’s since they were 2 months old and I had to go back to work. I firmly believe that Dorothy’s curriculum and tremendously knowledgeable and caring staff have had a HUGE hand in our 4-year-old’s academic and emotional growth. The staff knows exactly what these kids need, both as they learn and grow and as their emotional needs change. They communicate with parents every day, they have a daily curriculum you can follow, and I never worry about my sons’ safety. We love Dorothy’s!


Hello Daycare Hunters, I would like to introduce you to this high quality daycare called Dorothy Discovery Daycare Center (DDDC). After sending our kids to other daycares we decided to look for another, and finally settled with DDDC. This daycare is topnotch in teaching and caring for kids. The due diligence and rigorous approach of care we have seen by the instructors is unquestionable. Staff are polite and conducts themselves well. This suggests to us the leadership at this daycare is in sync with everyone. This altogether gave my wife and I trust in sending our kids to DDDC. If you are in the Ypsilanti area and looking for a daycare, please look no further but reach out to DDDC. It is the “place to be”.

-Larry and Angelina

Currently we have three children attending Dorothy’s daycare (toddler, Pre-K, and before/after care).  We have been extremely pleased with the love and care provided to our children.  The teachers understand our children’s needs, provide timely updates regarding their development and class room activities promote learning.

~J. and D. Warren

We had our son in a home daycare environment when he was younger. At about 2 1/2 we knew it was time for a different environment with more structure to it. We visited DDDC and were pleasantly surprised to see the classroom set up and how each was tailored for each age group. Our son absolutely loves his teachers and it’s very clear he’s learning by leaps and bounds – and having a blast doing it! The communication with the staff is wonderful. I find that each time we are have any of the normal developmental issues spring up, they provide suggestions and are absolutely willing to work with us through the transitions. We are soon going to be having our younger son start at Dorothy’s, and we can’t wait! I can’t say enough about DDDC, we love them!

~Chris H 

My son and daughter have attended DDDC since they were infants. It has been amazing to watch them grow under the care and creativity of their teachers. Every day they are excited to participate in a new adventure, and are always coming home with treasures they proudly made themselves. My son begins Kindergarten in the fall and I am confident that the skills, knowledge, creativity and inquisitive nature that DDDC helped foster in him will be an asset. My daughter is still a toddler and every day I am amazed at what she can accomplish. The teachers at DDDC have encouraged her creativity, sense of wonder while also keeping a focus on self help skills and education. We are very happy to have DDDC as a partner in our children’s growth and development.

~Bethany K