Infant Program

(0-1 years)

Our infant classroom provides a warm, nurturing environment where each baby is encouraged to embrace and build on their developmental strengths in an intentional teaching environment.

Our infant classroom has two primary caregivers including a lead teacher and an assistant teacher. The classroom follows a 1:4 teacher: child ratio. The focus of each primary caregiver is to provide flexibility to meet each baby’s individual needs as well as leaving room for planned activities. We are able to create strong bonds, build quality relationships, and foster each infant’s growth.

Our infant classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to enable the infants to learn and grow. While the majority of learning takes place in the classroom, we continue learning outdoors twice a day where children will be able to use all senses by seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and taking in all of the outdoor experiences. We also have a 6-person buggy for the older infants to explore and learn about the world around them on our nature path.

Because communication is the key to keeping parents involved and aware of their child’s development and growth while at the center, we will provide the following:

* A daily chart tracking each infant’s meals, diapers, sleep times, and activities.

* Frequent conversations between teachers and parents either in person, by phone or email.

* Monthly newsletters about activities in the classroom and around the center.

* Parent/teacher conferences three times a year to discuss child assessments of development and growth.

* The opportunity to develop relationships between the classroom and the families through our family events and activities.

* Our center’s open-door policy which allows parents to visit at any time and spend time in the classroom.

6:30-9:00 am

Greeting Children and communicating with parents. Open choice time and reading. Breakfast will be served for those eating DDDC table foods.

9:00-10:00 am

Indoor choice time, sensory and art exploration, music and movement, manipulative toys and working on individual goals.

AM snack will be served for those eating DDDC table foods and typically first bottle is given.

10:00-11:00 am

Outdoor play (weather permitting).

11:00-3:00 pm

Lunch will be served for those eating DDDC table foods and typically second bottle is given. Nap time/ quiet activities will be provided during this time for infants who are not sleeping or wake up early.

3:00-4:00 pm

PM snack will be served for those eating DDDC table foods.

Outdoor play (weather permitting).


Outdoor play (weather permitting). Indoor choice time including music and movement, manipulative toys, working on individual goals, and reconnecting with families as they pickup. Typically, third bottle is given.

We do ask parents to provide the following for the day

* Infant milk; breast milk or formula

* First step foods until infant can eat finger foods from DDDC menu

* DIapers; disposables or cloth with wet sack

* Wipes, plastic container to store then refill packs

* Diaper creams, sunscreen (6 months and older), and bug spray

* Two sets of extra clothes

* Sleep sack for nap time